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World Peace

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Celebration of International Day of Peace
Presentation of Champion of Peace Award
to Dr. Gene Sharp

Friday, Sept. 20, at 11 AM in MLK Room, Ellison Campus Center

To celebrate International Day of Peace 2013, the Peace Institute will present Dr. Gene Sharp, the world's foremost expert on nonviolent resistance, with our Champion of Peace award. In a lifetime of creative scholarship at Harvard University, Oxford University, and elsewhere, Dr. Sharp established nonviolent struggle and people power as having potential for political and social change. His writings have been used by activists the world over, from the jungles of Burma to the streets of Serbia to Tahrir Square in Egypt during the Arab Spring. Dr. Sharp is the author of two brilliant works: From Dictatorship to Democracy and Waging Nonviolent Struggle. These books list and explain 198 strategies for nonviolent resistance. These strategies range from speeches and slogans to fasts and hunger strikes to mock awards and even skywriting. Dr. Sharp’s books have been translated into scores of the world’s languages and are readily available for free downloads on the internet. Dr. Sharp also founded the Albert Einstein Institute in Boston for the study of strategic nonviolent struggle.

Click Here for PDF Flyer with more information
Click Here to read about the award ceremony and see pictures

Waging Peace, by Paul K. Chappell

Wednesday, October 23, 11 am, MLK room, Ellison Campus Center

West Point graduate, Iraq war vet, and peace leadership director at the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.

Click Here to see a picture of the event

“Can the Sensation-seeking U.S. Media Foster Peace?”

Panel Discussion with Salem State Faculty, led by Professor Rob Brown

Wednesday, November 6, 11 am, MLK room, Ellison Campus Center

Click Here to see a picture of the event

Mission of the SSU Peace Institute

The Peace Institute is an academic and student oriented program to serve members of the college and surrounding communities in their efforts toward establishment and maintenance of peace in the world.  The Peace Institute was founded in 1982 by Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Edward Meagher.

The objective of the Peace Institute is to carry on dialogue on Peace Studies related issues in different ways:

  • by involving students in community service projects in Salem  and Greater Boston area  for credit by taking IDS 400 (Directed Study) or IDS 375 (Research Practicum)
  • by discussing issues such as, environmental justice, nonviolence and others among faculty members, students and anyone interested in the Salem State community
  • by organizing campus events on peace and social justice,
  • by networking with other campuses/groups involved in similar projects and
  • by developing student mediation and conflict resolution skills through workshops.

Students interested in working with Peace and Social Justice related groups like:

or any other local community group of the student’s choice, which is involved in peace and social justice

Register for IDS 400- Directed Study or IDS 375- Research Practicum and get three credits for doing community work through the Peace Institute.  This course can be taken during Fall and Spring semesters as well as Summer Sessions I and II.  It fulfills free elective or Division I Humanities Distribution requirement.

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Peace Studies at Salem State University

Students interested in pursuing academic coursework and degrees in Peace Studies have several options through the Inter-Disciplinary Studies (IDS) Department, including a major and a minor. For more information visit the Peace Studies page at this site.

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Peace Curriculum

Academically, the Institute’s mission is enhanced by the development of a minor in Peace Studies. This minor offers students of any age a choice selection of courses from many disciplines which represent a blend of knowledge and skills essential to the pursuit of peace. Some of the courses developed for this Minor and as elective are: Mediation, Philosophy and Non-violence; Legal Anthropology: Adjudicating Conflict.

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Working for peace

The Peace Institute’s on-campus program relies upon the voluntary services of individual members who participate in a variety of ways depending upon their interests, skills and available time. We forsee a growing role for the Institute with members speaking, arranging films and other programs for schools and community groups. The Institute is also prepared to offer support and encouragement to its members to develop their individual peacemaking skills through training and educational programs such as the Minor in Peace Studies, workshops and internships.

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Contact information

To contact the Peace Institute coordinators, please go to the contact page.

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