Come listen and learn

Tues., Nov. 12, 7:00PM
Forten Hall, 4th floor, Library, , Salem State University

Debbie Andersen, a Gulf war veteran and  currently in the Army reserve will share her experience at the Gulf war and her opposition to war.  

George Capaccio, from Arlington, MA, is a writer, storyteller, and artist-educator and actor.  Since the Gulf War, George has been active in the campaign to lift economic sanctions against the people of Iraq.  He has been to Iraq numerous times to help in the aid of the Iraqi people.  Besides visiting Iraq, George has published articles in national journals. His book, entitled While The Light Still Trembles, received first prize for peace writing from the University of Arkansas in 1999.  George¹s most recent essays about the effects of sanctions on the people of Iraq may be found at the website for Voices in the Wilderness (  Click on “Updates and Additions” under “What’s New”, to access these essays. 

Thomas Gale served on active duty in the US Marine Corps from April 1964 to January 1967, serving in Chu Lai, Vietnam from September 1965 to September 1966 as a HAWK missile radar technician. He was early-released to continue college.  He earned his BS in Aerospace Engineering at UMASS Amherst in May 1970.He worked in the military-industrial complex for 23 years- 8 years as a project engineer at the US Naval Air Test Center, Maryland and 15 years with General Electric Aircraft Engines in Lynn.  Since leaving GE in 1993, Mr. Gale has trained and worked as a mediator with the North Shore Community Mediation Program in Salem.  As a Veteran For Peace, Samantha Smith Chapter, since May 1990, he has coordinated the Peace Poetry Contest on the North Shore and traveled with other VFP's on humanitarian projects to Basra, Iraq in October 2000 and to My Lai, Vietnam in June 2001. 

His current project is to organize a Boston-area Nonviolent Peace Force to train volunteers for working in areas of international regional-global conflict. 

Tues., Nov. 12, 7:00 PM

Forten Hall, 4th floor, Library,

Salem State University