Monday, April 7, 2003


Community Time: 11 am 12:15 pm


Vets Hall, Ellison Campus Center


Writing Contest Awards will be given


Theme: China in Transition


Salem State Faculty and Student Panel


Village Elections and Fighting Corruption in China


Richard Levy, Chairman, Political Science


In the past ten-plus years, China has begun initiating village-level elections, including an anti-corruption element, throughout the country. The various practices and forms of both the elections and their anti-corruption elements reflect the many contradictions in China today as well as the differences between elections and democracy.


An Overview of China's Social and Economic Reform


Li Li, Professor, History


He will give a short overview of China's economic reform.


Two of Professor Lis students, Christine Wong and Katsumi Take will talk about the changes that have taken place in Hong Kong and Shanghai and share their own experience.



Co-sponsored by the ASA (Asian Student Association)

Refreshments will be available