Students Of Salem For Peace

~ Eve Lyman ~

Eve Chayes Lyman is the co-founder of Afghans for Civil Society, an organization that was formed to support and rebuild civil society in Afghanistan. While in Kandahar and Urozgon Province, Taliban strongholds in the South of Afghanistan, Ms. Lyman used her photographer's lens to capture the transcendent spirit of the Afghan people. Children's reactions to Ms. Lyman and her camera range from sideward glances and shy smiles to animated laughter, all beauty and charm. Villagers dance, vendors hawk their goods at the market. Hope seems to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of 25 years of war.

The eye of the beholder sees: beauty in the midst of devastation, tenderness in the eyes of hardened mujahidin, humor where laughter is unexpected and most of all, an irrepressible life and vitality.

In one unsettling moment, however, Ms. Lyman informs the viewer that the positioning of a man's turban indicates his affiliation with the Taliban. From this point forward, we can't help but look at every face with unease and suspicion. But these photographs will reveal the human face behind the War on Terrorism and Ms. Lyman's experiences in Afghanistan will help in the effort to distinguish truth from myth and propaganda. "The Eye of the Beholder" narrates a story that is crucially important to our world today, and urges us to take action before hope for Afghanistan is again lost.

View samples of Ms. Lyman's photos: